A young 19 year old rural girl, named Zimbabwe by her patriotic father, is orphaned. Starving and with few choices, she leaves her village in search of a distant aunt. In the remote border town of Beitbridge, she is smuggled across the border into South Africa, in search of any life at all.
Illegally in South Africa, Zimbabwe finds work as a domestic worker but is repeatedly abused by her employer. She must commit a violent act to protect herself, and escapes by handing herself over to the authorities. She is repatriated back to Zimbabwe, only to find that her brother has jumped the border to go in search of her.

TITLE: Zimbabwe
GENRE: Art House & International, Drama

RUNNING TIME: 84 minutes
STARRING: Kudzai Chimbaira, Farai Veremu, Natasha Gandi, Mildred Chipuriro, Phinneus Ncube, Folen Murapa

WRITTEN BY: Darrel James Roodt
DIRECTED BY: Darrel James Roodt

PRODUCED BY: Jeremy Nathan and Nicola Simmonds