How To Steal 2 Million

It’s a jungle out there. That's how we meet our lead character Jack. Its been five years since he's seen his partner and best friend Twala. Jack did five years for a robbery gone bad. Twala never got caught and Jack never talked. But Twala is as treacherous as Jack is honourable. He's married Jacks' former fiance.
Jack wants to go legit but after being rejected for a loan he needs a new source of capital. Twala presents him with an opportunity a job with a R2 million take.
The complication is that the mark is Twala's father. Jacks partner for the job is the tough and sexy Olive. Little does he know she will prove to be more devious then his old friend.

TITLE How to Steal 2 Million
GENRE: Drama , Action & Adventure

RUNNING TIME: 111 minutes
STARRING: John Kani, Hlubi Mboya, Menzi Ngubane, Terry Pheto, Rapulana Seiphemo

WRITTEN BY: Charlie Vundla
DIRECTED BY: Charlie Vundla

PRODUCED BY: Mfundi Vundla, Michelle Wheatley, Jeremy Nathan, Karen E Johnson