Cannes South Africa Factory

The Cannes South African Factory follows on a series of “Factory” films produced in Taiwan, the Nordic countries and Chile. It has given four young SA directors and four international directors an opportunity to work together on four short films, all of which were produced in KwaZulu-Natal. These films were screened on the Opening Day of the Cannes Directors Fortnight/la Quinzaine, in the official Cannes programme in May 2016, and then had its South African Premiere at the Durban International Film Festival. The Factory, under the curatorship of producers Dominique Welinski (DW in France) and Jeremy Nathan (Zidaka, South Africa), in partnership with the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Cannes Quinzaine Directors Fortnight, saw South Africans Sheetal Magan, Zee Ntuli, Zamo Mkhwanazi and Samantha Nell, working together with Martin Morgenfeld, Alejandro Fadel, Michael Wahrmann, and Isabelle Mayor.

DCP and HD, stereo audio. Available as individual films and as a collection

The Beast:

The Beast takes place on an ordinary day at a Zulu cultural village. Shaka, their star performer, expresses his frustrations to his co-workers as he sits on display for tourists, until he reaches the end of his tether and his protest takes on Shakespearian proportions.
WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Sam Nell (SA) and Michael Warhmann (Brazil)
RUNNING TIME: 21 minutes


Lokoza sees Themba, a boy in love with Khanya, who has been his best friend for years. Khanya has a new boyfriend, KG, who promises her a safe future. Themba must fight to get her back, until he goes one step too far.
WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Zee Ntuli (SA) and Isabel Mayor (France/Switzerland)
RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes


In Paraya, the city bustles with the urge for survival. A young woman is adrift between worlds: one rooted in her past and one promising her a future.
WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Martin Morgenfeld (Argentina)
RUNNING TIME: 12 minutes

Gallo Rojo:

Gallo Rojo begins with a forgotten hotel and two groups of men. All seem locked in this strange architecture from a previous era that they share with a red and a black rooster.
WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Zamo Mkhwanazi (SA) and Alejandro Fadel (Argentina)
RUNNING TIME: 20 minutes


Cannes La Quinzaine / Directors Fortnight, 2016